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Apple Acknowledges Battery Bug in iPhone 6S/6S Plus


Apple Acknowledges Battery Bug in iPhone 6S/6S Plus

But perhaps not the one you are expecting (i.e. really sh**ty battery life).


That said, a unique group of users - those who regularly travel between time zones - have been reporting the bug for months. That is, when traveling across time zones the battery life indicator doesn't update, leaving users thinking they have plenty of juice left in their trusty smart phone, only to find it dead as a dodo the next.


Just to be abundantly clear, we're not talking an actual battery problem, but a glitch in the software displaying the battery indicator.


Apple's suggested fix is:
Restart your iPhone.
Go to: Settings > General > Date & Time and make sure that Set Automatically is turned on.


We won't hold our breath for them to say anything about actual battery life just yet lol ;)

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