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Progress on Error 53??


Progress on Error 53??

Some interesting developments are afoot since our last post relating to Apple's Error 53 issue. Whilst we here at GB were pretty confident that little was going to be done by Apple about this problem, reports that the ACCC is getting involved may have the potential to change that.


So, a quick reminder for those not in the know, Error 53 occurs when you have your iPhone repaired by a third party repairer (only the home key or anything connecting it to the motherboard) then upgrade to iOS9. Your phone becomes an instabrick and any data not backed up is irretrievably lost. (See our last post if you want more info).


An ACCC spokesman has said it will write to Apple "urgently seeking" a response to concerns raised by consumers about the (so far) unfixable error.

"We are currently considering whether the reports are likely to raise concerns under the Competition and Consumer Act," a statement provided by the commission reads.
"In particular the ACCC is examining whether this practice contravenes the consumer guarantee and false and misleading representations provisions of the ACL [Australian Consumer Law]. The ACCC would also be concerned about any practices which restrict competition, including through access to parts or data."


The last point in that statement is the one that we think is going to be the sticking point.


Third party repairers have understandably raised concerns over the impact of the error on their businesses, with customers worried about taking their phones for repairs, despite the majority of repairs being screen replacements which won't (usually) induce the error.


Apple has not yet responded to questions raised in the ACCC statement, but has provided links to the ID Touch and Error 53 support pages on its website.

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