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BookBook for iPhone by Twelve South The Ultimate Case for Book-Lovers and Those That “Want It All”   As always, Twelve South has delivered an utterly exquisite product in the most recent iteration of BookBook for iPhone.   I think most of us can agree, modern life just ... Read More
02 March 2018
I think it’s probably fair to say that the US has got to be one of the most litigious countries on the planet, but we almost have a bit of a “Poe’s Law” feeling creeping up about this one it’s that ironic lol.   In a strange twist in the fallout of the San Ber... Read More
23 October 2016
Japanese railway JR East is due to launch Apple Pay later this month via its Suica payment system. Apple has upgraded the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 2 to support the system and all devices sold in Japan are equipped with FeliCa-compatible NFC chips, which have long allowed mobile pa... Read More
23 October 2016
A week after Samsung announced an official cessation to production of the Note 7, sparks are still flying over the South Korean company’s handling of its exploding Note 7 issues.   "We recently readjusted the production volume for thorough investigation and quality control, but putti... Read More
19 October 2016
Employees at Brisbane based Apple stores have been implicated in a scandal involving taking and sharing photos of female customers and staff —including ones allegedly stolen directly from customers' iPhones.   "We are investigating a violation of Apple's business conduct policy at ou... Read More
16 October 2016
In a move that is going to generate significant waves, Samsung has officially ceased production of the Note 7, requested all retailers across the globe to stop selling and exchanging the smartphone, and instructed all owners of the phone to immediately power it off and seek a refund or alternate ... Read More
11 October 2016
The litigation between Apple and Samsung continues, with Apple winning a vote 8-3 at a US federal appeals court on Friday, successfully reinstating a verdict worth $119.6 million for patent violations, including the “slide-to-unlock” concept, autocorrect technology and phone number de... Read More
09 October 2016
As readers may have guessed, we have been especially underwhelmed by Apple’s September 2016 launch here at GB and really feeling disappointed overall with the direction Apple has been heading for some time. Since the death of Steve Jobs the innovation has faltered, the iOS hasn’t been... Read More
28 September 2016
Like most of September 7’s launch news, the Apple Watch Series 2 was a little underwhelming. That’s not to say that we think the Watch is a “bad” product per se, it’s just that when it comes to Apple product releases we tend to get excited, not about the things it do... Read More
18 September 2016
iPhone 7 Launches… Well, Pretty Much As Predicted!   The whole Apple rumour-mill thing is actually starting to get rather boring these days; nearly everything that “leaks” is true and we all basically know what’s coming in a launch before its date is even announced... Read More
17 September 2016

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