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Those holding their breath for the long awaited Apple live TV service were dealt a blow last Wednesday, with Bloomberg reporting that the project has, once again, been put on hold.   Rumoured to launch as an integral part of Apple’s latest Apple TV streaming box, the suspension of th... Read More
December 14, 2015
Whilst we haven’t had the pleasure of trying this little guy out for ourselves, our friends over at Apple Insider have (you lucky devils!) and were good enough to share their experiences. Here’s a quick breakdown:   Pros: Clean, sleek design that feels like a real writing to... Read More
December 14, 2015
Battery extender cases are nothing new to market, with brands like Cygnett and Mophie having had them available for years. But Tuesday night saw a first - Apple releasing an official Apple-branded battery extender for its 6s.   The move has not been received well by the public thus far, wi... Read More
December 10, 2015
Like the idea of sending physical holiday/birthday cards instead of e-cards but just can’t find the time to do the whole “buy the cards, write the cards, stamp the cards, post the cards” deal? This app may well be for you.   Ink Cards, available in both iTunes and Google ... Read More
December 07, 2015
After years of trials, retrials and let’s face it, much poo flinging, the Samsung vs Apple monkeys have finally come to a settlement. That is, on ONE of the cases they have in court against each other at the moment anyway… Given that Apple was initially after $1.08 billion we guess t... Read More
December 07, 2015
Apple’s new iPad Pro started shipping mid-November, with thousands of units making their way to excited end users all over the world. There’s just one problem. A number of customers have been experiencing a fault in their shiny (very expensive) new toys, where the screen will randomly... Read More
December 04, 2015
KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a source of iPhone predictions even more reliable than Paul the famous World Cup Soccer-predicting octopus, has let slip his latest “prediction” for Apple’s next handset release. And it’s in some ways an odd one.   Apple have already tried ... Read More
December 02, 2015
We wrote in early November about Apple Pay launching in Australia, but at the time there was no word on which of the big banks were going to support it, just advice that it would be launching via American Express, one of the least popular credit card providers in the country.   Sadly, it s... Read More
November 30, 2015
Well, this is an interesting one. Would you be prepared to be served an advertisement every few times you unlock your phone to get free mobile data?   That is exactly what Melbourne start-up Unlockd is hoping, having announced a deal with Vodafone 3G network reseller Lebara Mobile to show ... Read More
November 05, 2015
Well, that didn’t take long did it?   Not even 2 months into the launch of the 6S and 6S Plus the rumours are already circulating about what Apple has planned for the iPhone 7 and & Plus - assuming that's what they will be called.   As always, we stress that these are just... Read More
November 05, 2015

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