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The rumour mill has been rife with reports that Apple is planning to scrap the home key on their 2017 releases, and given that it represents a major mechanical vulnerability in the iPhone’s handset design, we wouldn’t be at all surprised. However, that does leave Apple with a problem:... Read More
August 02, 2016
Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced at an employee meeting on Wednesday that the company sold its billionth iPhone sometime last week.   "Last week we passed another major milestone when we sold the billionth iPhone," Cook said. "We never set out to make the most, but we've always set out to ma... Read More
July 31, 2016
As the debate ove the Australian federal government's marriage equality plebiscite intensifies, Apple has thrown its hat into the ring in support of equal marriage rights for all Australians, adding its logo to the Australian Marriage Equality website on Tuesday.   As the world's most valu... Read More
July 27, 2016
In a trend that we think likely to spread to other states, the NSW government has announced changes to P-plate driver laws that include further restricting the use of mobile phones whilst driving.   Currently a P1, or red P plate driver, is not allowed to utilise a mobile whilst on the roa... Read More
July 25, 2016
A report from the Nikkei Asian Review has recently speculated that Apple will move away from their current model of releasing a fully updated handset every 2 years (with minor tweaks in the years between being released as an ‘S’ version) and instead start producing new handsets on a 3... Read More
June 26, 2016
OK, so clearly we have a bit of an attitude about Maps lol.   But its lack of development given its early launch with iOS6 has been ongoing and spectacular. The early version directed people into lakes and concrete walls and was plagued with bugs. A little work later and it became a (just)... Read More
June 24, 2016
1. Goodbye OS X, hello macOS Bringing the nomenclature for their operating systems in line across all devices, the Mac operating system is moving away from the traditional OS X naming to macOS, with the first public beta-edition, Sierra, launching in July. The new OS will focus on integration of... Read More
June 22, 2016
Apple marketing head, Phil Schiller, revealed plans on Wednesday to shift to a new revenue sharing model, favouring subscription based services over one-time/in-app purchases.   The company currently commands a 30% cut of any sales through its app store. However, from June 13 – today... Read More
June 14, 2016
All iOS users have one. That folder stashed in the very last page of their phone called “Apple Junk”, “Stuff” or for the more creative “Crapple”. The one that houses all the inbuilt Apple apps that you never use but can’t delete. Well guess what? With iOS... Read More
June 14, 2016
Mark your calendars; Samsung has announced a product launch event in New York on the 2nd of June at 5pm (ET). Sadly, it’s not an “unpacked” event so it won’t be live-streamed meaning you will have to wait for the blogging world to go nuts to get the low down. Accordingly, ... Read More
June 05, 2016

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