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Apple’s much anticipated bi-annual product announcement on March 21st is only a week away now, with invitations being sent out officially last Thursday. The event, hosted at Apple’s Cupertino, California based headquarters, is widely expected to be focussed around the launch of a new,... Read More
March 13, 2016
If you are an Android user, who also uses net banking on your phone, this is a REALLY important message for you.   On the back of the news of Apple’s first OS X ransomware attack, a new nasty is doing the rounds on Android, and it’s making big waves; this one can overcome your ... Read More
March 11, 2016
Apple have a strong reputation for making their gear hard to infect with anything malicious, but it seems that the very first “ransomware” malware to ever affect OS X has arrived, and like most malware, it’s not pretty.   For those not familiar with the term, “ranso... Read More
March 07, 2016
Apple has had a small, but critically important win in the ongoing spat with the FBI over developing a back door into iOS. Last Monday a New York federal court judge denied the FBI’s bid to force Apple to crack their own security, stating that the government lacks legal authority to force A... Read More
March 07, 2016
Don’t want to wait in line at the Apple Store for one of Apple’s blue-shirted Genii? Well, now you can access their help without moving your pyjama-clad butt off the couch at home, by taking to Twitter via @AppleSupport.   The Blue-Tick Certified account launched just yesterday... Read More
March 05, 2016
The stoush between Apple and Samsung continues, as the two tech giants persist in their battle over who is the biggest kid in the sandpit.   The original decision handed down by a jury in May of 2014 found that both companies had infringed on each others’ patents, however Samsung was... Read More
March 02, 2016
While it appears uncertain at this stage whether Apple has actually "shifted" its initial launch date, or if early reports were simply wrong, you can cross March 15 off the calendar and highlight March 21st instead, as it appears we won't be seeing the new iPhone and iPad Pro til then.   H... Read More
March 01, 2016
As always, unnamed sources cited, but 9to5Mac report that OSX10.12 will feature the inclusion of Siri for your Mac. Options will include a Siri button in the menu bar, as well as always-listening “Hey Siri” support if your Mac is plugged into a power outlet.   If true, this wil... Read More
February 28, 2016
Another interesting unveiling from Tuesday's Mobile World Conference in Barcelona - a charger that will take your phone from zero battery to fullly charged in 15 minutes flat. And we're not talking a rubbish battery either.   Chinese smartphone company Oppo has made the announcement, and c... Read More
February 26, 2016
Exciting news from Telstra. Despite being one of the most difficult telcos in Australia to deal with from the perspective of a customer with an issue, it simply cannot be denied that they have always, always had the best mobile network in the country. And likely always will, given history etc, bu... Read More
February 23, 2016

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