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Update to iOS 9.3.5 NOW


Update to iOS 9.3.5 NOW

Another security flaw in Apple’s iOS has come to light in the last fortnight, which when exploited by hackers gives them the potential to take over your phone and do just about anything with it, from stealing private data to activating and recording from the camera and microphone – scary stuff. Especially when factoring in that the flaw was also revealed to be present in the impending iOS 10. The issues were said to be exploited by an Israeli company called the NSO Group that specializes in tracking the mobile phones of targets.


The TLDR is that if you are on ANYTHING older than iOS 9.3.5 then you need to update right now.


To check which version you’re running currently, go to:

Settings > General > About and look under Version


If you see anything older than 9.3.5 here (eg 9.3.3 (13G34)) then you need to update:

Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now.


Remember: always back your phone up before updating your firmware to protect your data! Your friendly local blogger has been severely bitten by this one recently, so don’t make the same rookie error! ;)

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