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iPhone XS and XS Max Launch review


iPhone XS and XS Max Launch review

There was lots of news to be had at this morning’s Apple event. Here, we bring you the top 5 announcements of the 2018 Apple release.


1.         iPhone XS and XS Max

As anticipated, Apple revealed both the 5.8-inch iPhone XS (pronounced ten-ess) and 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, with the biggest screen ever sported by an iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s also the biggest price tag ever sported by an iPhone too. We’ll deliver the biggest shock now – the top of the line 512GB storage XS Max is going to set you back AU$2,369 or US$1,499. So what will this get you? Well, the fact of the matter is not really all that much more. Both models will have an OLED display in a stainless steel housing, with improved waterproofing and a faster chip, the A12. The triple rear facing camera rumoured didn’t eventuate, however a dual 12MP camera with some neat post production tricks is included and a bigger battery to support the edge to edge OLED screens. Apple has also done away with the home button on both models, similarly to the iPhone X, and the phones will use facial recognition to unlock. Interestingly, Apple also announced the discontinuation of the iPhone X after only a year on the shelves. The iPhone 6S and SE have also been removed from the Apple website, so if you’re not keen on the new lineup, or more to the point the price tag, you might want to grab yourself an iPhone 8 quick smart.

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