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Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung’s new Note 7 released this week, here are our top 4 reasons to consider buying one.


1. Water-resistance

With an IP68 rating the Note 7 can (in theory) be submerged in up to 1.5m of water for up to 30 minutes. It should also be dust and sand safe. This is always a good thing in a phone, as no matter how careful you are, accidents happen. It also decreases the need for a protective case, allowing you to enjoy the nice curved form-factor that Samsung introduced in the Galaxy S7 and have continued in the Note.


2. Iris Scanner

While Apple is still rumoured to be playing with introducing what we’ve dubbed “Iris ID” in the iPhone 8, Samsung is already there. Again, we will see how the feature pans out in practice, but in theory it’s a far more secure way of safeguarding your tech than a fingerprint scanner, and given you only have to look at your phone, it should also be faster and easier to unlock.


3. S Pen Inclusion

The S Pen has been around for a while, but now it’s also waterproof. Whilst we can’t think of many scenarios where we would like to write notes underwater, we can see the benefits of being able to take notes on the go when the weather is foul, or generally cavorting in natures playground. Notes can be taken without even having to unlock the screen and can be pinned as reminders. Super handy.


4. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Display

We don’t need to say anything about the gorgeous AMOLED displays Samsung is known for really. But incorporation of HDR is a nice bonus, with appropriate content being rendered with a wider array of colours, and blacker blacks/whiter whites. Whilst there isn’t a lot of content out there that is actually filmed in HDR, it is coming, with both Netflix and Amazon having projects in the pipeline.


5. Expandable Storage

Why expandable storage was removed from its predecessor we will never know, but the Note 7 has an internal memory of 64GB and on pre-order will actually come with a 256GB memory card too. With memory like this you’re really carrying a small computer around in your pocket as opposed to a smart phone.


So far, we can only see two drawbacks to the Note; one is the reduced battery size (only 3500mAh), always an issue with a screen as stunning as those Samsung churns out. The other is the price. For AUS$1,349, this would want to be damn spectacular!

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